Armor Bearers

One who is appointed the duties and responsibilities of serving and protecting their spiritual leader. Representing him inside and outside the church and carrying out his assigned tasks.

First Family Support Ministry

We provide a variety of services that accomodate the needs of the pulpit and individuals. Our efforts include providing uplifting prayer, encouraging words and financial support.

Praise and Worship Ministry

We magnify God through songs of praise and worship to express our love of God.


Our responsibiity is to insure that church members and visitors feel welcome when entering the church.

DC Ministers

We serve as spiritual leaders who assist our Pastor with providing spiritual support to edify God's people.

Usher Board

We provide assistance to the church by maintaining order during church services.

Youth Board

Our purpose is to educate and enrich the lives of our youth through the word of God by teaching them that being young, responsible, and spiritual is the right path to the kingdom.


Our purpose is to reach out to the sick, shut-ins and those individuals that may be incarcerated or homeless while also ministering to people who have suffered loss through disaster. We give support to families whereever there is a need for strenghtening and counsel.

Deacon Board

First and foremost, we seek to share the word of God under the direction of our beloved Pastor. Also as Deacons, we serve the church as members of the financial board.

Reaching Out Board

Our purpose is to help meet the needs of the surrounding community by providing food, clothing, counsel and support. We strive to collaborate with others to continue to identify needs and provide service where possible.